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Robert Gallant, Voice Artist

Hello! And thank you for visiting my website. I am Robert Gallant, Voice Artist.

My job is to make the production of your voiceover project easier and your brand sound great. As a professional voice talent, I understand what audio and video producers need in a VO:
– A really good listener who can take direction well and offer multiple options on a read
– A vocally flexible talent with good creative instincts
– A voiceover professional who is budget friendly, efficient  and fun to work with
– Equally facile in both English and French
Here are some features of my voice and my work from feedback I’ve received:
  • Naturally dynamic sound
  • Delivery style: mellifluous, believable, big, charming, deep, dynamic, expressive, folksy, intelligent, mature, powerful, smooth, trustworthy and warm.
  • Naturally sound like a buddy, dad, everyman, news anchor, story teller and teacher.
  • Well-trained ears picking up any mistakes made
  • Take direction well, and able to apply it to content material
  • Vocally aged 40-60
  • Commercial and narration both good choices


I previously had a career as a CEO of non profits serving people with various disabilities, with a side hobby as a singer. As a member of the Social Venture Network, I worked with many companies pursuing the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. My long years of involvement in social causes have given me familiarity with services and advocacy related to deafness, broad communication disorders, intellectual disabilities, elder services, and mental illness.

A bass-baritone voice gets put to many uses over the years – from soothing many infants, schmoozing in countless telephone conversations and conference presentations, entertaining and educating audiences in radio and TV interviews, being the signature voice of companies I’ve directed and, adding my fluency and love of French, singing cabarets. As a parent and grandparent (and even great grandparent) I have had numerous occasions to perfect the art of storytelling.

All of these areas offer me engagements in sectors I am knowledgeable about and which I pursue passionately.

My professional training was with Tom Force and the team at SuchaVoice. Along with a state of the art voice recording studio, I am fully equipped with the professional skills you need.

Demos & Examples

Feel free to explore examples of my work, below. I’m ready to work for you as Your Gallant Voice!











Sample published:

Review in Audible by Donald Marsden Oradour: Villages des Martyrs on Audible – Unabridged. James Stephens (Author), Robert V. Gallant (Narrator), Stephen Briggs (Publisher) Free download with Audible trial


I have approved the audiobook, it has been narrated professionally, and has brought the story to life. It was a joy to write, and you have taken it to the next level. Thank you.

Regards,  Steve


Review in Audible by Donald Marsden: “Robert V Gallant’s voice has a wise and mature resonance — an expressiveness appropriate to the sad events at Oradour. His voice carries the narrative forward and holds the listener from start to finish”


Work Profile on Voice Bunny


HyperLube and Super Coolant Commercials for Canadian French Market


Terre en Folie


Just published!


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